About The Show

About the #WednesdayMatchPlay
The #WednesdayMatchPlay is a weekly video interview show presented by Eat Sleep Golf and hosted by Ricky Potts.  In 2018 we will be entering our 3rd season, where we'll continue to shine light on some of the most innovative brands and personalities from throughout the industry.  Our goal is to create a fun and engaging 30 minute conversation, where we can share a behind the scenes look into some of our industries great minds. 

The power of the internet allows us to broadcast to a mass audience through all the major media platforms which includes in video format via YouTube and in audio only format on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and Stitcher.  Each episode is shared on the official #WednesdayMatchPlay website as well as through all social media platforms, including the Google+ Golf Community with over 25,000 active members.  All this combined means the #WednesdayMatchPlay isn't hard to find. 

Past guests have included professional golfers, product manufacturers, brand representatives, PGA professionals, golf course/resort management etc. From small startups to golf biggest brands and everything in between, we're always on the lookout for individuals and organizations with an entertaining story. 

About Eat Sleep Golf
Eat Sleep Golf is a brand development and media agency focused solely on the golf industry. We strive to create and grow a network that is build around relationships.  We create initiatives, campaigns and platforms to meet industry demand and to showcase our industry partners. Our success is due to our spectacular staff, team members, clients, partners and sponsors.

Aristotle said it best "The sum is greater than it's parts". We believe that collectively, we can achieve great things.

Connect with us online at: www.eatsleepgolf.net or social media:

Twitter  |  Facebook  | Google+  |  Instagram

About the Host
As one of the most active members of golf's social media realm, Ricky Potts is an expert in creating engaging content and conversations.  Wearing many different hats within the industry, Ricky works a 9-5 job with one of the worlds largest golf course management agencies Troon golf.  He's active on every social network that I've ever heard of (and probably some that I haven't heard of) and is also the owner/operator of the largest Golf Community on Google+ (check that out here).  Lover or craft beer, dance music and of course golf, feel free to reach out and connect with Ricky via your favorite social network:

Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Google+  |  Instagram

Also check out his website at: www.rickyleepotts.com

About the Golf Radio Network
The golf radio network was created to bring together a group of shows centered around the game of golf as well as the business of golf. We’ve scoured the planet for the most entertaining hosts and guests to bring you something new and exciting each and every episode. We pride ourselves on content that is varied and diverse and we actively look to bring on new programs that provide unique perspectives from within the world of golf.
Our content is developed with the listener first. We don’t create shows for advertisers or as a delivery mechanism for commercials. Our goal is to educate our audience and provide a valuable source of entertainment, inspiration and advice. That is our foremost priority. If we can do that, we know everything else will work itself out. 
We are lucky to have some wonderful sponsors that share our vision, and who are also committed to providing valuable products and services that further the game and the industry. We hope you’ll consider using their products and services when the need arises. It helps to support this network and we stand behind them.
We believe in on-demand access. Whether you’re listening on your commute, in the gym or while hitting balls on the range, we want you to have full control of the content. Our shows are available on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Tune In Radio as well as podcast aggregators across the web. Some of our shows even have their own smartphone app.
Our podcast network will continually evolve. We’re not interested in the status quo. We are continually raising the bar when it comes to quality and content. We also welcome your suggestions and ideas in our pursuit to continually improve.
Learn more at: www.golfradionetwork.com

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