Wednesday, May 30, 2018

#WednesdayMatchPlay with Bobby Clampett from Impact Zone Golf

Bobby Clampett is a former PGA TOUR player and the brains behind Impact Zone Golf, a teaching academy located at Tiburón Golf Club. I see Bobby quite a bit around Naples and have spent time with him on the range. Figured he would be a great guest for the #WednesdayMatchPlay

In this episode of the #WednesdayMatchPlay you will learn more about his time on TOUR, more about Impact Zone Golf and a little bit about his wines. You will also get a sneak peak inside the ropes at Augusta National Golf Club.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

#WednesdayMatchPlay with Michael Althoff from

This show marks the 100th episode of the #WednesdayMatchPlay and I am honored to have Mr. Althoff join me. I've known Michael for quite some time, have played some unforgettable golf courses with him, and always enjoy his company. On this episode of the #WednesdayMatchPlay you will learn more about Michael and all of his travels, the sort of content you can expect to find on, his thoughts on the PGA Merchandise Show and his beautiful golf course photography.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#WednesdayMatchPlay with Gary Van Sickle from Sports Illustrated

Gary Van Sickle has been a golf writer for a long time. He has been inside and outside the ropes writing for newspapers, websites, blogs, Morning Read, Sports Illustrated and more. Needless to say, this guy has a lot of stories. On this episode of the #WednesdayMatchPlay you will learn more about his time covering golf and how his style has changed over the years. You also hear a funny story about his first business card at SI. You will remember a few weeks ago when Mike Van Sickle, Tour, was on the show. Yes, that is his son! This is the first time in the history of the show we've had a father/son duo on the show... Let alone in the same season!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

#WednesdayMatchPlay with Ben Grehan from Golf Advisor

Ben Grehan just likes to play golf. He also likes to review the golf courses he plays. I met Ben on Twitter, and when I learned what he does for/with Golf Advisor, I just had to learn more. He seemed like the perfect guest for the #WednesdayMatchPlay presented by Eat Sleep Golf.

On this episode of the #WednesdayMatchPlay you will learn more about some of the courses he's played, what he looks for in a review, and what it is like to fly to Florida, play 36 holes, and be home in time for dinner. This was a great episode and am glad we got the chance to share Ben's story.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

#WednesdayMatchPlay with Chuck Evans from Chuck Evans Golf

I've known Chuck for a long time. The guy is a Top 100 Teacher, runs private coaching and golf schools, is an author, and knows his way around Emerald Bay Golf Club. On this episode of the #WednesdayMatchPlay you will learn more about his time in Arizona, why he decided to move back to Florida and more about his book "5 Simple Keys."