Thursday, October 26, 2017

#WednesdayMatchPlay with Kelly Moran from Kelly Blake Moran Golf Course Architects

I got the chance to meet Kelly Blake Moran earlier this year. We met on the range of a golf course he designed right here in Naples, Florida. We played golf together, shared stories of the Hoosier State and had a blast playing 19 holes together. During our round we talked about the #WednesdayMatchPlay and I had to get him on as soon as possible. On this episode of the show we will learn more about the courses he's designed, what goes into designing a golf course, what projects he's currently working on and so much more. This is going to be fun!

About the host Ricky Potts
As one of the most active members of golf's social media realm, Ricky Potts is an expert in creating engaging content and conversations.  Wearing many different hats within the industry, Ricky works a 9-5 job with one of the worlds largest golf course management agencies Troon golf.  He's active on every social network that I've ever heard of (and probably some that I haven't heard of) and is also the owner/operator of the largest Golf Community on Google+ (check that out here).  Lover or craft beer, dance music and of course golf, feel free to reach out and connect with Ricky via your favorite social network:

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About the #WednesdayMatchPlay

The #WednesdayMatchPlay is a weekly video interview show, presented by Eat Sleep Golf and hosted by Ricky Potts.  The shows aims to shine light on various golf brands and personalities through a fun, laid back conversation.  Join us weekly on Wednesday evenings at 10:00pm EST, to gain an inside look inside some of golfs coolest, most innovative stories.

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